How Can I Manage and Edit the Locations of Brands?

The Manage Locations page contains a list of all your added locations, along with details like address, tags, and connected accounts.

Edit a Location

  1. To update details for an existing location, click the ‘Edit’ icon, found next to the location you want to modify.

  1. Make any necessary changes on the edit page, such as adjusting the address or changing tags.

Delete a Location

To remove a location, click the ‘Trash’ icon and confirm the action in the prompt to prevent accidental deletions.

Using Filters and Tags

Above the list of locations, locate the filtering options to display locations by tags for easier management of specific groups or types of locations.

Manage Connected Accounts

In the 'Accounts' column, you'll see icons representing various platforms. Clicking on these allows you to manage or review the integration with platforms like Google My Business or Facebook, which is essential for reputation management and customer feedback.

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