How Can I Manage and Make Changes To Existing Campaigns?

There are times when you want to monitor and update campaigns based on real-time data. You can do it efficiently from the' Manage Campaigns' section.

Here is how you can manage and make changes to your existing campaigns:

Click on the 'Campaigns' tab and go to Manage Campaigns to see a list view showing all your campaigns, both active and inactive.

You will see your campaign dashboard with the following details

- Name: This column lists the titles of your campaigns for easy identification.

- Location: Shows which location each campaign is associated with.

- Start Date and Time: Indicates when each campaign began or is scheduled to begin.

- Status: Displays the current status of your campaigns, such as 'Draft,' 'Active,' 'Paused,' or 'Completed.'

- Contacts: Number of contacts targeted in each campaign.

- Email Metrics: Shows how many emails have been delivered and opened, as well as the click rate.

- Text Metrics: Similar to emails, you will get an idea of what is the status of the campaigns.

Editing Campaigns

To make changes to campaigns, find the campaign you wish to edit, click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the campaign, and then another click on the corresponding 'Edit' button, symbolized by a pencil icon. This will take you to a detailed edit screen where you can make changes to the campaign’s content, scheduling, and contact list.

If you want to duplicate a particular review campaign, click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the campaign and find the duplicate option.

You will get a dialogue box confirming your action. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm. 

Now, you can add contacts to whoever you want to send those review requests. After adding, click on schedule. 

Campaign Engagement

Look at the Email and Text columns to understand how your campaign is performing in terms of engagement. You can use this data to make informed decisions about changes to campaign strategy or content.

-For campaigns marked as 'Draft,' you can complete the setup process and activate them.

-For campaigns marked as 'Scheduled,' you can pause or stop them as per your requirement

-For 'Active' campaigns, you can pause them if needed or adjust targeting and messaging for optimization.

- For ‘Completed' campaigns, you can see what worked and what didn’t to plan upcoming review campaigns.

💡 If you have a long list of campaigns, use the search bar and filter options to find the one you want to manage quickly.

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