How Can I Manage All the Reviews and Feedback?

Managing customer reviews helps maintain your business's reputation and customer relations. With the Reviews Inbox, you can have a streamlined review management process. Here’s how to use this feature effectively:

  1. Navigate to the Reviews Section from the dashboard and locate the ‘Reviews’ tab.

This will take you to the Reviews Inbox. Now, select the location you want to manage from the list displayed on the left panel.

At the top of the Reviews Inbox, you'll see tabs or dropdown menus that let you filter reviews by location. This helps in sorting reviews for businesses with multiple storefronts.

  • Search: Use the search bar at the top to find specific reviews by keywords or reviewer names.
  • Date Range: Select a date range to view reviews within a specific period.
  • Filter: Click the Filter button to apply filters based on tags, locations, sources, ratings, recommendations, reply status, and review content.

4. If a review warrants a response, write a thoughtful and professional reply. Your response should be personal, addressing any specific comments the customer made.

If you don't want to type out responses by yourself, you can use the AI Assistant to generate a reply to that particular review. The AI-powered response feature helps you efficiently manage and reply to customer reviews.

The AI will generate a response based on the content of the review, which will appear in the text box below the review.

You can edit the AI-generated response directly in the text box if needed. Use the additional options to refine the response:

  • Make Shorter
  • Make Longer
  • Fix Grammar
  • Change Tone

Once you are satisfied with the response, click the Send button to post your reply.

If the initial AI-generated response is not satisfactory, click the Regenerate button to get a new version.

How Do I Manage All the Feedback?

Effective feedback management helps you improve your services and customer satisfaction. SocialPilot Review's feedback system helps you gather valuable insights from customers. 

Here's how to use the feedback management feature:

On the dashboard, locate the Reviews tabs and click on ‘Feedback’ to find all customer feedback received through your campaigns.

This will take you to the Feedback section. Now, select the location you want to manage from the list displayed on the left panel.

You can draft responses to feedback where appropriate based on locations. Personalized responses can improve customer relations and show that you value their input.

Just like Reviews, you can use the search bar to search for specific feedback using keywords, select a date range Selector, and use filters based on predefined tags. There is also another general filter option from which you can filter the feedback based on location and ratings.

After filtering the feedback, you can reply to them just like you did with the review section.

Note: Reviews will show reviews and feedback from the last year when a user connects their account.

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