How to Create a Collaborative Instagram Post on SocialPilot?

SocialPilot allows you to invite other accounts as collaborators on your post, making it a shared effort. Once a collaborator accepts your invitation, their username appears on the post, and it gets shared with their followers, too. Additionally, this post will be visible on their profile, extending your reach and engagement. 

Below, we guide you through the process of utilizing this feature for both images and reels.

For Image Posts

  1. Begin by uploading the image(s) you wish to post. Go to the Instagram customization tab once your upload is complete.

  1. Click ‘Tag’ on any image thumbnail to open the ‘Tag Profiles/Invite Collaborators’ pop-up. 

You can tag public profiles by clicking on the image. A drop-down will appear if you have previously tagged accounts.

In the same pop-up, you'll notice an empty space labeled ‘Invite Collaborators.’ 

  1. Click on the search bar here and type the account name you want to collaborate with. 

You can add up to 3 collaborators to your post. The names of the collaborators you've invited will appear below the search bar.

In the post preview, the name of the collaborator or a note like ‘2 others’ will be visible alongside the creator’s account name, indicating a collaborative post.

  1. If your post includes multiple images, use the ‘previous’ or ‘next’ arrows in the ‘Tag profiles/Invite collaborators’ pop-up to review and edit tags and collaborators for each image.

For Reels

  1. After uploading the reel intended for collaboration, go to the Instagram customization tab.
  2. Click on ‘Invite collaborators’. 

A search box will appear, displaying a drop-down of previously added collaborators for easy access. Similar to image posts, you can invite up to 3 collaborators for a reel.

Note: Both for images and reels, the drop-down will show a maximum of 10 invited collaborators. The platform restricts adding more than 3 collaborators, following the same behavior as the current ‘Tag profiles’ feature.

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