How do Credits Work in SocialPilot Reviews?

On SocialPilot Reviews, credits function as the currency you use to send review requests. Each email you send requires you to spend these credits.

Getting Started with Credits

When you first sign up for SocialPilot Reviews, you will receive 5,000 credits each month, dedicated to sending emails. This allowance lets you send up to 5,000 emails monthly without incurring additional costs.

Using Your Credits

For every email you send using SocialPilot Reviews, one credit is deducted from your allocated monthly email credits. This means that if you start the month with 5,000 free email credits and you send an email to a customer, your remaining credit balance will be 4,999. Each subsequent email sent will further reduce this balance by one credit per email. 

Monitoring and Managing Credit Usage

SocialPilot Reviews provides a user-friendly dashboard that makes it simple to keep track of your credit usage. When you log into your account and access your profile dashboard, you'll find detailed information about your credits:

  • Used Credits: The dashboard displays the number of credits you have already used during the current billing cycle.  
  • Remaining Credits: You will also see how many credits you have left to use before the end of the month. 

Alerts for Low Credits

Credits on SocialPilot Reviews are tied to a billing cycle, typically a month long. However, if your credits are exhausted while a campaign is running, the campaign gets paused due to lack of credits. You can avoid such situations by opting for Auto-fill credit in your subscription tab

Now click on 'Autofill credits.' A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm your selection. Click on 'Confirm.' Doing this will automatically add credits to the account when you’re left with 100 credits from the total limit. The credits will be added in increments of 10,000.

Note: To help you manage your credits without constantly checking your dashboard, SocialPilot Reviews sends you a notification. Depending on your settings, this can come as an alert on the platform itself or as an email.

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