How Do I Manage Team & Client Approval Workflows in SocialPilot?

The different access levels set for different roles ensure that there is a proper content flow within the team.

Posts created by a Content Scheduler appear in the 'Pending Review' queue because they can't be directly scheduled. They must be approved by the Manager, Admin, or Account Owner. They can review and approve the post or reject & send it back for edits or delete the posts. 

Once they are approved, the posts get added to the queue.

However, any post created by a Manager or Admin does not require any approval. They directly go to the publishing queue. 

Here is an overview of the whole workflow process, including the team members and the client:

Let us understand the process by breaking it down into team and client roles. So consider a scenario when a Content Scheduler has created a post and try to understand its journey through the approval flow. 

Team Approval Workflow

The details of the process are given below:

1. A Content Scheduler creates and schedules a post. 

2. The post will go to the 'Pending Review' lineup.  

3. Now, to see the post in the 'Pending Review' category, click on Manage Posts > Pending Review. 

4. Under the 'Pending Approval' section, each post will have a tag indicating its status, i.e., whether it is pending approval or awaiting correction. You can use a filter to see posts of the same tags. 

Note:  If you click on these tags, they will tell you who among the team members or clients is allowed to take necessary action for the post. For example, if a tag shows "Pending Approval," then clicking on it will let you know who is eligible to approve it. 

5. Every post will have a blue action button with a dropdown. Among these, choose the action you want to take. A Manager can:

  • Approve to publish - This will send the post directly to 'Queued Posts'
  • Send for Client Approval - Will send the post seeking approval from an 'Approver' client, if the need for client review is enabled for the account
  • Sendback - The post will be sent back to the Content Scheduler for corrections 

Note: Whenever a post is being sent back for corrections, the Manager can add a comment for the Content Scheduler's reference, who will make the edits. This comment can be seen in the internal comment section in SocialPilot. 

6. If the post is returned to the Content Scheduler, they can access it in the same Pending Review category. 

7. After making the necessary edits, the Content Scheduler can again send the post for approval. 

8. The Manager can select to take any of the 3 courses of actions listed above. 

It is noteworthy to remember that the team member, be it the Manager, Admin, or Owner, can select multiple posts at a time and send them to the publishing queue or for client approval. 

The 'Teams' feature gives complete control over approving posts in the 'Pending Review' section to the Account Owner/Manager. 

Client Approval Workflow

SocialPilot not only allows team members to participate in the content approval workflow but also lets you include your clients in the process if you choose to. And for that, you have to enable the 'Need Client Approval' feature and select clients as 'Approvers.'  

To learn how to enable client approval for posts, you have to go to Manage Accounts dashboard and enable "Need Client Approval" checkbox. To manage client access to various features, click here.

The team members and the clients together complete the process of the whole approval workflow. So let's see how the clients fit into the flow explained in the previous section. 

1. When a post is in the 'Pending Review' category, it needs to be approved by the Manager to go for publishing. 

2. If the 'Need Client Approval' feature is enabled for the account the post is meant for, the Manager can send it for a Client's approval. Note that it is the Manager's choice and not a necessity to involve the client. 

3. The post will now appear in the Pending Review queue of the clients. 

4. The clients who are designated as Approvers for that account can select among the two options: 

  • Approve to Publish - This will send the post directly to Queued Posts
  • Sendback - This will send the post back to the Manager and Content scheduler, pending corrections.

5. Now, the post needs to be edited and sent for approval from the Manager again. 

6. The Manager, as per the norm, may approve the post himself or send it for client approval again. 

This is how the whole of the content approval workflow functions on a SocialPilot account. 

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