How do I manage approvals/workflows in SocialPilot?

The different access levels set for different roles ensure that there is a proper content flow within the team.

Posts created by a Content Scheduler appear in the Contributed Posts. They must be approved by the Manager or Account Owner. The Manager/Account Owner can review, approve, edit or delete the posts. 

Once they are approved, the posts get added to the queue.

The details of the process are given below:

Log into the SocialPilot panel
Click on 'Posts' -> Manage Posts
Click on 'Contributed Posts.' You can view the posts contributed by the Content Scheduler in this section.
Under the 'Contributed Posts' section, click on 'Approve' to add the posts to the queue. You can also 'Edit' and 'Delete' the posts.

The 'Teams' feature gives complete control over approving posts in the 'Contributed Posts' section to the Account Owner/Manager.

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