How do I manage my client's access?

SocialPilot allows you to give selective access to your client. They can take actions only in the accounts they have access to, which can be given by the owner or admin. 

First let's see what kinds of access a client can have in any SocialPilot account by simply occupying that role. 

View Post

A client can view posts that are scheduled in the SocialPilot scheduler.

Comment on post

A client in your team can comment on a queued post and give their feedback or suggest edits to the members who can make the required changes.

Connect and delete social accounts

When a client deletes their social accounts, only they lose their access. The account's owner, admin, and managers can continue to access them.

Manage permissions for access to clients

The above features are accessible to clients by default. But there are some capabilities which clients need permission from Owner or Admin to access. 

Go to this article to see how to edit the access of a client, or any other user for that matter:

How to Manage Team's Access

Here are the features which you can make accessible to a client- 

Create + Edit + Boost = Publish Posts

When you invite a client and give them access to a social account connected to SocilPilot, they gain manager-level access automatically, which allows them to view posts contributed by the content scheduler. 

 If you give a client Publish post access, they can create, edit and boost posts. 

, just uncheck this box to take away that permission. 

Note: Also, if you allow your clients access to "Create Post" and or "Boost Post," the client will occupy the space of a team member. Depending on your plan, you will have a limit to the number of team members you can assign to yourself.

Managing Social Inbox

You can let your client have access to manage social inboxes for any Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, or LinkedIn accounts they have linked to SocialPilot. 

Analytics and reporting

Letting your client access analytics will allow them to view the analytics reports SocialPilot has of their social pages' performance and audience engagement insights. 

Content Approval 

Because of the convenient Client approval workflow in SocialPilot, you can include selected clients to review the social media posts for their account before posting. Under this workflow, they can approve, give feedback, or even reject and send the post back for further edits. 

This is how the flow works:

1. Go to manage accounts from the side menu and click on 'Manage Accounts.' 

2. Now click on the edit icon for the account for which you want to make changes in. 

3. In the 'Account Details' section, find the 'Need Client Approval' box and click on it. 

4. Then go to the 'Clients' tab to see the list of all clients. Here clients who have access to this account will have a blue tick on the left side of their names.  

5. To give them approval access, click on the relevant 'Approver' field for the client. 

6. Now click on 'Save.'

With the 'Approver' status, a client can approve or reject a post that has been sent to them, which is not possible with simple account access alone. 

Note: If you have enabled the 'Need Client Approval' for a certain account, it is necessary to select at least one of the clients as an Approver. 

It is possible that a client has access to an account to view and edit posts, but they are not an 'Approver'. However, it is not possible for a client to become Approver without first having access to the account. 

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