How do I connect an account in SocialPilot?

To get started with SocialPilot, you will need to at least connect one social media account.

You can connect multiple accounts with SocialPilot. The number of accounts you can connect depends on the plan you have chosen.

How do I connect a Profile, Page, Or Group?

Log into your SocialPilot account.

Click on Accounts > Connect Account from the sidebar menu.


This screen will show you the different profiles, pages, and accounts you can connect to your SocialPilot Dashboard. Click on the appropriate link based on the account you want to connect to. For example, if you want to connect a new LinkedIn profile, click on Connect Profile, in the LinkedIn menu.


You will now have to go through each platform’s authentication process. Enter your credentials and ensure to allow all the required access. To connect your Business page or group, select the pages and groups you want to connect from your account. Remember to accept all the permission alerts prompted. SocialPilot requires complete access to publish content, get analytics, and manage Inbox from your Pages.


You'll be re-directed to SocialPilot with your account, page, or group connected.


As soon as you click on Connect Account, your selected accounts will get connected with SocialPilot, and you will redirect to the Manage Account page where you can set up a schedule at the account level. Please refer to the screenshot given below:


Take care of following when you connect Facebook Page and Instagram Business Profile

  • SocialPilot allows you to connect Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Profile only if you are an Admin or Editor of those Pages. If your accounts are disabled on the Connect Account Page, please check your Role on that Page. Ask the Admin or the Owner of the Page to provide you with the right role, i.e Admin or Editor.
  • It is not possible to connect a Facebook Page if you are a "Page Admin" through inheritance from a parent page. To find out, visit your Facebook Page and click Settings at the top right, followed by Page Roles on the left-hand side. If you see yourself listed under a section labelled "Admin (inherited from parent page)", then, unfortunately, you will not be able to authorize the connection between the Facebook Page and SocialPilot.
  • When connecting a Facebook Group, you will be required to authorize it with SocialPilot Know how to authorize your Facebook Groups with SocialPilot.
  • To connect Instagram Business Profile, you need to make sure it's converted into a business profile and linked to any Facebook page to which you have Admin or the Editor access. Here is how you can connect Instagram Business Profile with SocialPilot.
  • While connecting a Facebook Page, Group or Instagram Business Profile from SocialPilot, Facebook will ask for certain permissions to publish and manage content on your behalf. Please provide all the permissions for SocialPilot to smoothly manage your accounts without any interruption.


  • When connecting your Google Business Profile locations, 'Location Groups' refer to the groups of locations you created when creating your Google Business Profile account. Locations that aren't a part of any group will appear in the 'Ungroup location'.  To learn more, go through this help document.
  • If you see a 'lock' icon with your locations, hover the mouse on the lock icon, and you'll find one of the following messages:
    • Verification Pending You can connect a Google Business Profile location with SocialPilot only after you have verified it. To learn more, go through this help document.
    • Local Post API is disabled for this location. This error is due to a limitation added in the Google Business Profile API where a business or brand with over 10 locations cannot use the post feature through the 3rd party tool like SocialPilot. This also means that SocialPilot cannot fetch any post data from GBP. There's nothing we can do as the limitation is from the API itself. To learn more go through the Google FAQs section.
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