How do I connect Instagram Business Account with SocialPilot?

You need to connect your Instagram business account with SocialPilot to get multiple insights into your business profile analytics such as reach, impressions, demographics, and other salient metrics to monitor your Instagram campaign.

In this guide, we will learn how to connect your Instagram business account with SocialPilot.

Before you start, make sure that:


Your Instagram business account is connected to a Facebook page. If not, learn more about how to link accounts here.


You have an admin role on the Facebook page to which you want your Instagram business account to be connected. Check your role status by going on the associated Facebook page, then click on Settings > Page Roles.


The correct Facebook page is connected to your Instagram business account. To check this, go to your Instagram mobile application click on “Edit profile” and then tap on “Pages” under the Business Information section. Here you can check if the right account is selected or not.

After checking these 3 prerequisites, you can move on to the step-by-step guide of connecting your Instagram business account with SocialPilot.


Log into your SocialPilot account.


Click on Accounts > Connect Account from the sidebar menu. Now you will see a tile view of multiple social media platforms that you can connect with SocialPilot. Scroll down to Instagram. Here you will see two options for connecting your Instagram account.

  • Connect Personal: By clicking on this option you can connect any type of Instagram account, personal or business,  without going through any authentication. Connection through this option only allows you to receive a reminder from SocialPilot to post on Instagram at a scheduled time. 
  • Connect Business: Click on this option to connect only your Instagram business account with SocialPilot. Connection through this option allows you to not only get a reminder for a scheduled post but also the analytics of your Instagram account.

So click on the “ Connect Business” button.


You will be directed to a Facebook login page. Enter your asked credentials here.


Now you will be redirected to the Connect profile page on SocialPilot to choose the Instagram business accounts you want to connect. Here you will find 3 different sections:

Profile list: In this section, you will see all the Instagram business profiles associated with your chosen Facebook account. Here you can choose a single or multiple Instagram account to connect with SocialPilot.

Connected Profiles: In this section, you will find all the Instagram business accounts associated with your chosen Facebook account, which are already authenticated and connected with your SocialPilot account.

Account groups: This section will show you the list of all the groups you have created in your SocialPilot account. Here you can select any group in which you want to add your above-chosen Instagram business account.

So choose single or multiple accounts from the “ Profile List” by clicking on the checkbox given beside each profile.


In the top right corner, click on the “ Save and Setup Schedules” button.

The next step is an additional step which depends on a scenario.

Scenario: When you already have unauthenticated Instagram business profiles connected  - profiles added through the “Connect Personal” button- to your SocialPilot account, that turned out to be the same as the profiles you have chosen in Step 5.SocialPilot will automatically find the match of all the profiles which are duplicates and lined them up against each other.

You will see the “ Update profile” pop up on your screen.

Additional step: Click on the “Update” button to replace all the unauthenticated existing business profiles with authenticated business profiles.

Note: If matched profiles are not updated, both profiles will appear in Manage accounts. This will create confusion for you. 

Also, if you don’t have any previously added Instagram business profiles then you will be automatically skipped to the next step.


Here you can create a reminder schedule for your Instagram posts. Either you can go with the suggested schedule or move on to the manual setup by clicking on the checkbox.


In the manual setup, select the days, type in a suitable time, and click on the 'Add Time' button. Now navigate to the “ Set this schedule” button and click on it.


Congratulations, your Instagram business account is all set up. Now you can easily see the insights from Instagram analytics. Click here to know how to get Instagram analytics from your SocialPilot dashboard

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