How do I connect my client’s account in SocialPilot?

SocialPilot's Client Management feature allows you to connect and manage your clients' social media accounts efficiently - without asking them for credentials!*

You can simplify your client onboarding process using the invitation links. One single link can be used to invite multiple clients. You can also automate the whole process by distributing the link via email or by embedding it on a website.

Note: As soon as you reach the limit of a maximum number of accounts you can connect with SocialPilot (as per your membership plan), your client cannot connect more accounts.

* Exception - You need credentials for Instagram personal profile if the client wants you to schedule content for a personal profile. In the case of a business profile, it's not required as you can publish posts directly on business profiles.

Please follow these steps to generate links and share them with your clients.

After your clients sign-up using these links, they'll be directed to a page where they can connect their social media accounts.

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