How do I create a CSV file for bulk scheduling?

To schedule posts in bulk, you'll need to create a CSV file. 

Follow these steps to create a CSV file:

Note: You can download a sample CSV  here.

  • First Column: Type your post content/description within double inverted commas ("XYZ") to go along with the post URL.
  • Second Column: Add URL of the image if you want to share content as an image-type post. Ensure you add an image URL and not a web page URL. If you don't want it to be an image post, leave it blank.
  • Third Column: Enter a date and time you want to schedule the post for. If you want to schedule the posts according to the time slots you have already set, leave it blank.


  • If the file is created in excel, make sure that you open it in notepad/text edit so that every post is added in a new line URL.
  • Save the file in UTF8 format in notepad. And your CSV file is ready! 
  • If you are creating a CSV on your text editor or Notepad, use a comma (,) to separate the fields and also ensure that your post description is in double inverted commas ( ).

Note: If the images you want to add are saved on your computer, you'll need to create a public link for these images by uploading them to your Dropbox. You must use Public URLs for images during bulk scheduling.

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