How Do I Use the Socialpilot Mobile App to Schedule Instagram Posts?

The SocialPilot mobile app comes into the picture when you schedule a Post, Reel, or Story for a Personal profile because content can't be shared directly for personal accounts. You can use Insta mobile reminders for these instances.

  1. You'll receive a push notification on your phone at the time you scheduled the post for.

Note: Please make sure you have all the notifications 'on' for the SocialPilot app. Also, make sure you are logged into the correct Instagram account beforehand.

  1. As you receive the push notification on your phone, click on the notification. It will open the SocialPilot app and show a preview of your post. Now click on the 'Share' button. 

  1. A pop-up will be displayed on your screen asking for your permission to open Instagram. Click on 'Proceed to Instagram.'

Note: The post content is not automatically displayed in the caption area on your Instagram account. So, we copy your post content to the clipboard and then use the paste button to get the content into the caption area.

  1. After that, two new pop-ups will come up - one asking for adding photos to your gallery and the other asking for opening Instagram.

Note: You won't get the above two pop-ups everytime while publishing. Once you allow them, the permissions are saved.

You will now land in the 'Create Post' section of Instagram, where you can see all the images selected for the scheduled post.

  1. Select all the images you want in your post and click on 'Next.'

You can now edit all the selected images with the help of the in-app editor of Instagram. You can also add music to the post.

  1. After editing (if any), click on the 'Next' button.

You will now reach the final page of publishing the content.

  1. Here you will have to put the caption of the post. Remember, we copied your post description to the clipboard? Press in the caption text box for long and select 'Paste' from the pop-up.

As soon as you do that, the post description will automatically be copied to the clipboard. 

  1. Click on the 'Share' button to share your scheduled Instagram post.

    You have successfully shared your post on Instagram with SocialPilot's Instagram scheduling. You can also share Reels and Stories in the same way using the SocialPilot mobile app.

Note: If you miss the push notification or you have cleared your notification tab by mistake, don't worry. You'll have the post ready in your SocialPilot App. Click on the sidebar and tap on 'Reminders.' You'll find that push notification post under the 'Insta Scheduled Posts' tab, and click on the 'Share on Instagram' button to share your post. 

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