How do I add members to my team?

SocialPilot's 'Team' feature is available for its Professional, Studio, and Agency plan users.

In order to create a team, your access role needs to be either 'Account Owner' or 'Admin'. You will have the ability to add team members and assign them roles of 'Admin', 'Manager', and 'Content Scheduler'.

  • As an 'Account Owner', you can invite your team members to join a team. Just add the names and email addresses of those team members, select the accounts they need access to
  • If you wish to give the entire responsibility of handling the team (including managers and content schedulers) to someone, you can make them the team's 'Admin'. The Admin of your team will be able to control all members' access and activities (except your SocialPilot account's membership and billing).
  • Like an Admin or an Account Owner, a Manager can add updates to your SocialPilot account. They have the authority to approve, edit and delete posts contributed by the Content Scheduler. They can also make changes to the posting schedule and connect or remove the social media accounts from your team account (if the Connect Account access is given).
  • The Content Scheduler has limited access. They can create, edit and delete posts but these posts won't be added to the queue. They'll be added under a different category called 'Pending Approval'. Only if an Admin or Manager approves these posts, will they be added to the queue.

Note: By default, you can add up to 6 team members (depending on your plan). To increase this limit, you can customize your plan with add-ons that allow you to add extra users. You will be required to pay $5/ month for each member you add to your existing plan.

The 'Team' feature helps you maintain an approval system. Moreover, you can coordinate with colleagues better without granting complete access to everyone.

How to invite a team member?

Log into the SocialPilot panel.
Click on 'Team and Client' & Add Team member, from the left sidebar menu.
You'll see the ' Add Team Member' page.
Fill in the fields: Name & Team member's Email.

You can choose the role for your team member as Admin, Manager, or a content Scheduler

If you want this member to be able to add RSS Feeds, Connect Social Accounts as well as Boost Post, check the boxes. You can also set permission to View Analytics and Manage the Social Inbox as well. 

You can choose the accounts you want to grant access to your team member, so the role will be aligned to the accounts you allow your team member to handle.

Click on the ' Save' button and you are all set to go

Note: A Content Scheduler can only add and edit posts in 'Contributed Posts'. The Admin/Manager has to approve the posts in order to schedule or share them from a social account.

As a content scheduler, the team member will not have the right to boost the post and manage the ads account. Only Manager and above roles will have the capability to boost post and manage ads account. 

How can my team member get started with his/her account?

    After you're done with the steps for inviting a team member, the member will receive an email. 


    They need to click on the invitation link to create a password. 


    After confirming the password, they can view the Panel in the user profile:


    They can view the accounts where the access is given. 

    Click here to know more about how your team members can create posts.

    Click here to know more about how your team members can manage approvals for posts.

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