Common questions about team members


Can my team members view my drafts?

No, your team members can't view the posts you saved as drafts.

Can my team members view/manage my ‘Groups’?

The Group feature in SocialPilot is currently 'user specific.'

Hence, you will not be able to see the Groups created by your team members. Similarly, your team members cannot view/manage your Groups in SocialPilot.

Is it possible to send Instagram Push Notifications to my team members?

To receive Instagram push notifications, ask your team member to go to his/her Notification Settings. He/She will find an option to enable Instagram updates (as shown below).

Is there a limit to the number of members I can add to my team?

The maximum number of members you can add to your team varies as per the plan you've selected.

The 'Agency' plan allows you to add 6 members to your team (the highest).

Please check SocialPilot's plans to know more.

Note: If you wish to add more than 6 members to your team, please contact our support team. They'll help you upgrade to our 'Enterprise' plan.

Why is my team member unable to see my accounts?

You probably didn't give that member access to those accounts.

Click here to know how you can give access to those accounts to your team member.

Why is my team member unable to invite clients?

Managers, Content Schedulers, and Clients won't be able to invite clients.

Only you (the Owner) and the Admin can invite clients using your SocialPilot account.

How can a member access his/her individual SocialPilot account?

When the Owner or Admin invites a team member, a new SocialPilot account is created for that team member. This account allows them to manage the social accounts they've been given access to - as a part of a team or multiple teams. 

If members wish to manage their own social accounts, they must sign up for a SocialPilot plan and upgrade after the 14-day trial ends. They will be required to provide SocialPilot with a different email address (different from the one they use for their team member accounts) to access their individual account. They can set the password and use this individual account to manage their own social accounts. 

Can I give a member admin access to my SocialPilot?

Yes, you can make a member an Admin. To make a member an admin, go to Manage Team and Client section. Click the edit icon for that member. 

Now, select the radio button ' Admin' as shown below, to make your team member an Admin:

Note: You can change the role and permissions at any point in time for any of your team members and clients, except the admins, who have all permissions by default.

Can a content scheduler edit or delete posts?

In case the posts are not approved by the manager, the admin, or the owner of the SocialPilot account, the content scheduler can still edit them from their own "Pending Approval" section; however, once the posts are approved, they cannot be edited, or deleted by a content scheduler. The editing or deleting has to be done by a manager, an admin, an owner, or the client of the SocialPilot account.

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