Replying to Instagram Comments, and Messages

It's possible to reply to received Instagram messages from SocialPilot Inbox. First, you'll need to activate the Instagram Direct messages - here's how to do that.


Log into your SocialPilot account.


This is your Social Inbox for all connected Instagram business profiles.


Select the Instagram Business of your choice.


As you click on a Page, you'll see a drop-down button 'All' in the second fold. Click on the drop-down and select 'Messages' or 'Comments'.


Select a message or comment from the list of conversations and type your reply. If you don't wish to see this message or comment in your inbox anymore, mark it as 'Done'. You can view this message under 'Done' anytime.

Story mentions and replies to Stories are part of Instagram Direct messages. To be able to see them in SocialPilot, you'll need to activate this feature first.

You can also send a direct message to the person who commented on your post once. You can send only one direct message via comment due to API limitations. To send more replies to that person, please continue the conversation from messages or add a comment instead.


  • Unfortunately, due to API restrictions, at this time, it's not possible to like an Instagram comment with a 3rd party tool like SocialPilot.
  • You would not be able to reply to comments on ads, and reels
  • With the comment, you can reply by text only. You can also add mentions.
  • Supported Instagram Direct Messages
    • Text
    • Links
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Story Mentions
    • Story Replies (Text and Quick Reactions)
  • The following are not supported due to limitations with the API.
    • GIF Story Replies
    • Stickers
    • GIFs
    • Audio
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