Can I give feedback on posts from SocialPilot?

Yes, any team member with access to a particular account, be it a Manager, Content Scheduler, or Client can give feedback on a post by adding comments to it. You can comment on a post once it has been scheduled. 

Post-creation is a collaborative process. A single post has to go back and forth between multiple people for approval and edits before it's ready for publishing. Hence a team and their clients need an easy way to communicate over this.

SocialPilot offers this capability in the form of a designated comment section where the collaborators on a post can have a conversation and discuss their feedback conveniently. This makes the approval process smoother and less time-consuming.

Let's see how the process works. 

How can we add feedback to a scheduled post?

When a Content Scheduler creates a post, it goes ahead for approval from the Manager of the team. Now the Manager might have some feedback or suggestions for edits. They can put them in the comment section and 'Send back' the post for edits. The content scheduler can make changes, add their remarks, and send it back for approval.

In the same way, a team member can have the same back and forth with a client, discussing changes and opinions on the content in the comments. 

Note: Clients can approve a post, comment on it, and send it back for correction, all without actively logging into SocialPilot with the help of Approve On-the-Go Links. All they have to do is click on the link sent to them by a team member or through mail, and the Approval page will show up without them having to log in. From there, they can take action they see fit.

So to utilize the comment section on SocialPilot, all you have to do is: 


Log into your SocialPilot account.


Go to ‘Posts’ on the left-hand side menu and select ‘Manage Posts.’


Go to the appropriate category to access the desired post.


Scroll to the post you want to comment on, and click the 'Edit' icon below.


If you are in the 'Edit Post' window, just switch the tab from Post Preview to Comments. 


You will see the comment section on the right side of the window.


Enter your comment in the field given at the bottom of the comments section. You can use emojis and mention any particular person in the comment. 


Click on ‘Post.’

Your comment has been posted and will be visible in real time. 


You can delete the comment that you have made. Go to your comment and click on the three dots in the corner. Then click on “Delete.” The job will be done.

Comment with Approval Links

When Clients want to review posts without logging into their SocialPilot account, they can do so using the Approval links. They can also leave comments on posts using the same Approval links.

These links are automatically sent to the Clients' mail whenever a post is scheduled that needs their approval.

When you click on Review Now (Approve On-the-Go link), a separate page opens up containing all the posts that need the client’s approval. This is where Clients can write their comments as well as approve the post.

They can search for individual posts from the list of posts that require their approval using filters. They can use keywords, dates, and social media accounts to find a post.


When you tag a particular person in your comment, they will receive an in-app notification and be notified via email, according to their selected notification settings. Not only for mentions, but you can also get an email alert when someone is seeking your approval for a post. 

Notification Settings

You can customize your settings and receive these notifications either immediately or as a daily summary of all of them. 

User Mentions

Note: You can not add comments to a post that is still in draft. Only when the creator completes the draft and adds it to the queue is it open to comments. 

Types of Comments

For Team Members

Note that if your status in the SocialPilot account is of a team member, i.e., Admin, Manager, or Content Scheduler, two tabs will appear in the comment box, ‘Team’ and ‘Public.’ You can comment under either of these tabs. 

  • If you comment under the ‘Public’ tab, it will be visible to team members and clients with access to that account. 
  • If you comment under the ‘Team’ tab, it will be visible to the team members only. The comment will remain hidden from the clients.

Team Members’ View of Comment Section 

Note that the Team comments are visible in a blue background, and the Public comments are shown in a grey one. This helps team members to differentiate between internal and external communication. 

For Clients

Commenting on posts for Clients is only slightly different than that for team members. Whether they log into their SocialPilot accounts or access the posts with Approve On-the-Go links, they can only see the Public comments.

If your status in the SocialPilot account is of a Client, no separate tabs will be visible to you above the comment box. They can only see public comments. This is to keep the internal communication between the team separate from that of the client.

Client’s View of Comment Section

Post submission and approval

The comment section is very helpful for collaborations. Not only can you give feedback and communicate back and forth, but it also generates notifications when a post is submitted for review and when it gets approved. 

This helps team members identify the status of that post in the approval funnel. So here are the scenarios when the system generates notifications: 

  • When a post is sent for approval 
  • When a post has been sent back for changes
  • When a post has been approved for publishing

These system-generated messages will have a bot icon beside them, and they are public comments visible to the team as well as the clients. 

To get a complete scope on how to manage workflow/approvals, click here

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