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SocialPilot has developed an in-built Content Library for its users where you can save pieces of content for later use and reuse. All team members can use this Library to create and store digital assets they need to add to their social media posts regularly. 

Users can create and store various types of content, including images, videos, captions, hashtags, documents, signatures, website links, postal addresses, contact information, social media account/profile tags, and mentions.

You can also save drafts or posts that are in queue or have already been scheduled or published in your content library. 

This feature will reduce the efforts spent repeatedly adding the same pieces of content to your posts. Users no longer need to maintain separate spreadsheets or documents where they store this information to later copy and paste it to where they are composing their social posts. 

Check out a quick overview of the Content Library feature in SocialPilot:

Note: No client will have access to the Content Library. This feature is only available for the team members to use.

With SocialPilot's Content Library, you can create content assets and store them in the tool itself. And when you are composing your post in the scheduler, you have to add the item you want with just a few clicks, and it will be appended to the post.

The Content Library can be accessed from the left menu bar in the Content section. 

All the saved contents will be visible in the library dashboard. The content cards most recently created will appear first in the queue. 

By default, all types of content will be visible, but you can click on Hashtags or Posts to see all the contents of that type. 

Filters can easily sort out and find the content you want from the Library. 

  • You can also search the Library for a particular card using keywords. 

  • Filter out all the content cards created by a specific team member. 

  • Sort out the content cards in order of most or least used or when they were last used. 

  • You can select tags to filter out content specific to them. 

So let us see how you can create and save items in your Content Library. 

How to Save Content in the Content Library

The Content Library on SocialPilot lets you save your content into two categories. They are Hashtags & Posts.

You can save any text-based content under the Hashtag category. There are three fields you have to fill in while creating the content. The name of the content, tags with which we can classify it, and the description, which would contain the actual content. 

Under the Post category, you can save platform-specific content. You can create the post in the Library under the original draft tab to use it for any platform you want. Or you can create the library post under a specific social media tab to directly schedule it later to the same platform. You can customize posts with hashtags and mentions and add images or videos. 

So let us now go through the process of creating content assets under each category mentioned above. 

Creating Content Under Hashtags

1.  Go to "Content" in the left menu bar and click on "Library."

2.  Click the "Add New Content" button and select "Add Hashtag."

3.  The Add Hashtag pop-up will open up. Now you have to fill up the three given fields.

The character limit for the name of the Hashtag is 1000 characters, whereas you can add up to 100 unique tags to the content. Adding the description is mandatory to save the content as it is the main body of the Hashtag. There are character and hashtag counters for the description field. 

4.  After adding the description, click on "Save" to store the content card in the Library.

Freshly created Hashtag content cards will appear in the Library first in the content queue. The content's name, description, and tags you've added to it will be readily visible. You can edit or delete this card by clicking on it. The "Edit Hashtag" pop-up will open up where you can make the desired changes. 

At the bottom of the edit window, you will see who amongst your team members has last edited that content and at what time. 

Now let us see the process of creating content under the Post category for the content Library. 

Creating Posts in Content Library

1.  Go to Library from the left-hand menu bar. 

2.  Go to Add New Content and select "Add Post."

3.  The Add Post pop-up will appear on the screen. Now fill up the given fields. 

4.  After adding the name and tags to the post, you will see that the content is under the "Original Draft" tab. You can switch to any specific social media platform tab to create a platform-specific asset. 

5.  You can further customize this library post just like any other post created in the content scheduler by adding images or videos, emojis, GIFs, location tags, etc. Creating the content under Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn would let you add the first comment along with the post. 

6.  You can even add Hashtag content from the content Library in the Post. 

7.  Once you are done adding the content, click on save. 

Your post will be saved in the Library, and the card will appear in the front of the queue. You can edit or delete this post anytime by clicking on the card. You will be able to see who has edited the content on top of the "Edit Post" pop-up. 

Save Posts to Content Library

You can also save posts or drafts to your Content Library directly from your post queues. You no longer need to copy-paste the content of your posts to save for later use. You can go to the relevant list and use the “Save to Library” button to add the item to your library.

From Drafts

To access your drafts, you need to go to the Posts menu in the main menu bar and click on Drafts. From the list of items that appear, you can hover over the draft you want to save and click on the Save to Library button.

From Manage Posts Page

If you want to save readymade posts to your Content Library, you have to go to the Posts menu in the main menu bar and click on the Manage Posts option.

Here you will be able to see all the post lists including:

  • Queued Posts
  • Unscheduled
  • Error
  • Delivered 
  • Pending Review

You can save any post from the above lists to your Content Library. The process for doing so is the same as saving drafts.

Note: If you save a post that has been customized for a platform or account you do not have access to, it will be copied to the Original Draft in the Content Library. This saved post might lose some of the customizations it originally had under the relevant platform tab.

Now let us see how to use the content stored in the Content Library to create social media posts with SocialPilot.

How to Use the Content in the Content Library

Whenever you save any content in the Content Library for use later, it is readily available for you to add them to create social media posts with minimum effort. 

There are two ways to access and add them to your post.

 Add items directly from the Library Dashboard

1.  Go to the Library and find the content card you want to use. 

2. The Add button will appear when you hover over the card. 

3.  Clicking this Add button will open the Create post pop-up, and your content from the Library will be added to the post description field.

Add Content From the Library with Add Hashtag & Add Post Options in the Create Post Module

1.  Create your post in the Create Post window as you would in SocialPilot. 

2.  To add content from the Hashtag category, click the "Add Hashtag" button and select the content you want to add from the drop-down list. 

3.  The content will be appended after the content you have already added to the description field. 

4.  To add a Post from the content Library, click on the "Add Post" button in the create post window. 

5. Select the post you want to schedule and add it to the Create Post window. 

6.  Remember, the post content you select from the Library will completely replace any content you had previously added to the Create Post module, discarding the previous content. 

7. Now, schedule your post.

Note: When you save any Post to the Library that is created or customized under a specific platform and then add it to the Create Post window, it will reflect under that same platform tab.

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