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Social media is an ever-evolving world where speed and agility are your best assets. However, keeping pace can become challenging if you're chained to a desktop. The mobile app of SocialPilot helps you transition smoothly from your desktop to the mobile environment. Whether in the workplace or on the move, the app lets you carry on your tasks with the same efficiency and ease.

The app's intuitive new UI simplifies managing your personal and client social media accounts directly from your phone. This guide will walk you through the basics of getting started with the SocialPilot mobile app, ensuring a seamless experience across all your devices.

1. Getting Started on Mobile App

The first step to using the SocialPilot mobile app is downloading it from Android or iOS devices.

For Android Users: In the search bar at the top of your device's Google Play Store, type "SocialPilot" and press the search button. Look for the SocialPilot app in the search results and tap "Install" to download. Wait a few moments for the app to install on your device.

For iOS Users: Search for “SocialPilot” in the search bar of your App Store. Once you've located the app in the list, tap "Get" and then "Install," Enter your Apple ID password or Touch/Face ID if prompted. The app will then download and install on your device.

Once the SocialPilot app is downloaded and installed on your device, log in to your account by entering your credentials.

2. Publishing / Scheduling

To create a new post, locate the "+" sign at the center of the bottom navigation bar. A text field will appear where you can type in your post's caption or description. 

To add media, click the attachment icon on the bottom left to choose media from your device's gallery. You can select images, videos, or GIFs from your device’s gallery.

After uploading media and writing the description, select which social media accounts you want to publish to. Tap on "Apply" once you've made your selections. This will ensure that all chosen accounts are ready to receive your post.

With your content ready and accounts selected, tap the "Next" button at the bottom right of the screen. This will lead you to the final step, how you decide how to publish your post.

You will be presented with four options to determine how your post will go live:

  • Add to Queue: This option places your post in a queue, following a pre-set schedule to automatically publish your content at optimal times.
  • Share Now: Selecting this will immediately publish your post across the selected social media platforms.
  • Schedule Post: This option allows you to pick a specific date and time for your post to be published.
  • Save as Draft: If you're not ready to publish or need to revisit your post later, save it as a draft.

3. Connecting Accounts

In the "Accounts" tab, find the "+" sign at your screen's top right corner. A pop-up menu featuring a list of all the social media networks that SocialPilot supports.

Click on the social media platform icon you want to connect with. After selecting the platform, you'll be directed to its login page. Here, you need to enter your credentials for the social media account you're connecting. 

Once you've logged in, the social media network will ask you to grant permission for SocialPilot to access your account. This step is necessary for SocialPilot to post content on your behalf and manage your account. 

After granting permission, you'll be connected. SocialPilot will now have access to manage your selected social media account. 

5. Mobile Reminders

When you set mobile reminders for your posts, you'll get a push notification on your phone at the scheduled time.

After you get the notification, hit the 'Share Now' button. This will take you to the post you've set up in the SocialPilot app.

You'll then see a request for SocialPilot to access your device's photos, media, and files. Tap 'Allow' to proceed.

Your media will start downloading.

Following this, you'll be prompted with a message to navigate to the chosen social media platform. Click 'Proceed'.

At this point, your post's text will be copied to your clipboard.

Now, you will land on your destined account, where you can edit your post with the in-app image/video editor (as per your preference) and tap on the 'Next' arrow.

Remember, we copied your post description to the clipboard? Tap and hold in the caption text box and select 'Paste' on the pop-up.

Your post content will be pasted. Click on the 'Post/Share' button to share your scheduled post.

You have now successfully shared your post on the social media platform you scheduled for mobile reminder.

Note: No social media network automatically adds your post's text to the caption field. However, you can do a long-press in the caption area and choose 'Paste' from the menu that appears (as you had already copied it before)

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