Why is my post generating an error?

Posts can go into the 'error' tab for the following reasons:

  • The posts have been rejected by the particular social platform. In such a case, go to the 'Error' tab, fix the content error and then re-share/reschedule it. 
  • Your authorization token might have expired. To fix this issue, you need to reconnect your account with SocialPilot.
  • You may have violated the terms and conditions of that particular social media site and hence, you aren't able to publish posts for that particular account. 
  • You may have typed a long post that exceeds the character limit (e.g. Tweets can be of up to 280 characters only).
  • You might have uploaded large image files which isn't  allowed by certain social networking websites. Go through the social network’s FAQ section for their image guidelines.
  • You may not have access to configured Groups or Pages after your authorization with SocialPilot.

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