Team Member's Guide to Getting Started with SocialPilot


SocialPilot helps you turn social media marketing into a team sport. It brings your entire team on one dashboard where they can implement all processes related to social media publishing, engaging, managing, and reporting.

Whether you are part of a brand's social media team or a social media agency, SocialPilot helps you manage multiple social accounts, saving you time so you can work more efficiently.

This guide will help you set up your SocialPilot account as a team member. You are just 9 easy steps away from a better way to manage your social media. Open your SocialPilot account in another tab and follow along.


Connect Social Accounts
Set Up Posting Schedules
Creating Your First Post
Visualize Your Posting Queue with Calendar
See What Works with Analytics
Invite Team Members
Go Mobile with Apps and Extensions
Other Great Features

1. Connect Social Accounts

The first step to using SocialPilot is to connect your social media profiles to SocialPilot so that you can manage your accounts.

Click Accounts ->  Connect Account to connect one of these profiles listed below.

Facebook: Page, Group
Twitter: Profile
LinkedIn: Profile, Page
Pinterest: Board
Instagram: Profile
YouTube: Channel
Tumblr: Blog
Google Business Profile: chain locations
TikTok: Profile

Once you click on the connect button, you will be redirected to the social media platform and be asked for authorization. Kindly accept all permissions to continue.

Who can connect accounts: Owner, Admin, Manager (if given access), and Content Scheduler (if given access)

2. Set Up Posting Schedules

Once your accounts have been connected to SocialPilot, you can manage your scheduled publishing by creating posting schedules.  Posts added to your queue will be automatically scheduled during the next available time slot according to the posting schedule you have set up.

Click Accounts ->  Manage Accounts -> Select the Social Account you want to define time slots for and start defining time slots.

Your posting schedule is now ready.

Who can set posting schedules: Owner, Admin, Manager, and Content Scheduler

3. Creating Your First Post

SocialPilot schedules and publishes to your connected social media profiles. Posts can be made to individual social media accounts, or to multiple accounts all at once.

To create a new post click Posts -> Create Post.

The Original Draft tab allows you to draft your base content. You can switch to each platform to edit custom text, hashtags, links, or files.

If you have added a link in your post, you’ll see a preview of that post below. You can schedule it as it is, or if you want to share it as an Image post, just click on any image from the preview below and you can select up to 4 images per post.

If you don’t want to use the image as fetched from the link, you can upload it from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.

You can use the stock images available on the SocialPilot scheduler from the Unsplash integration. Simply click on the "Add media from external source" button and search for a suitable image by typing a term in the given search bar, select the image, and click on "Add Image."

You can also upload a video from your computer and schedule them to appear on the supported social networks.

SocialPilot Publisher saves all of your posts as drafts. The publisher can also be minimized, allowing you to access it anytime. Simply open the pop-up to edit your draft.

It also allows you to add GIFs and make a design on Canva and use the same to your posts to make them more engaging. You can also add emojis, add locations for Facebook and Twitter and target the audience for Facebook and LinkedIn.

For Instagram, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can also add a First Comment that will be scheduled along with your post. You can go to the specific platform tab and write the first content in the given field for it.

Click on the Add to Queue button when you are satisfied with your post This will add your post to the queue and schedule your post according to your previously established schedule for your social media accounts. 

If you don’t want to follow your posting schedule for a particular post, you can also use one of the options below: 

Share Now - Will share your post immediately to the selected social accounts.
Share Next- Will schedule your post after the first post in your queue for that selected account.
Schedule Post- Will schedule your post according to a specific date & time.
Repeat Post- Will schedule and repeat the same post on the specified times and dates for a selected number of times.

Who can create posts: Owner, Admin, Manager, and Content Scheduler

As per the workflow, Content Scheduler creates posts and then Manager approves/deletes/shares them from the ' Pending Approval' section. Posts in the Pending Approval section get scheduled or shared only when the Manager approves them. To know more, check this article.

4. Visualize Your Posting Queue with Calendar

Whether you have chosen to publish content now or scheduled it for later, you can view all of them in one quick glance with our Content Calendar. 

Click Posts -> Calendar to view your social media content calendar.

You can even drag and drop scheduled items on the calendar to any of the 4 time slots given at any hour of the day to reschedule them. 

No need to even enter the time and date again manually. 

Who can view the calendar: Owner, Admin, Manager, and Content Scheduler

5. See What Works with Analytics

SocialPilot’s analytics helps you take a deep dive into your social media data. You can not only analyze the posts you make from SocialPilot, but you can also analyze other posts made on your connected social media accounts. Shareable reports are also available at no extra cost. One-click and you have your easy-to-understand analytics report at your fingertips.

Click analytics and select which social platform you want to view analytics for.

To get a better understanding of social analytics and reports, click here.

Who can view analytics reports: Owner, Admin, Manager (if given access), and Content Scheduler (if given access)

6. Create a Seamless Team Workflow

Never miss a deadline again by collaborating with your team using SocialPilot. Let them create content for your selected social media accounts, while you retain full control of post approvals.

Content Schedulers can only schedule posts for selected social media accounts. The posts will be added to the queue only when a Manager or the Admin approves.

Managers can schedule, publish and manage selected social media accounts. 

The different access levels set for different roles ensure that there is a proper content flow within the team.

Posts created by a Content Scheduler appear in the ' Contributed Posts'. 

They must be approved by the Manager (or Admin). The Manager (or Admin) can approve, edit or delete the posts. Once they are approved, the posts get added to the queue.

7. Go Mobile with Apps and Extensions

Tackle your social media on the go with the intuitive SocialPilot mobile app so you can make every minute count with your audience.  From connecting your social media accounts to scheduling new content, SocialPilot’s mobile app allows you to access almost all of SocialPilot’s features while on the go.

Get the iOS or Android mobile app right away!

You can make your posting easier with the 'SocialPilot Browser Extension'. Add posts to your queue without leaving the website/content you are surfing with the help of our amazing extension.

We have Chrome, Firefox extensions available for immediate download.

Once the extension is downloaded, just click on the SocialPilot extension when you find the content you want to post while you’re surfing. A popup of ‘Create Post’ will appear right on your current window

Once your post is created and queued, you can continue surfing, all without leaving your current web page.

8. Other Great Features

In addition to the features covered above, SocialPilot offers these additional features:

  • Add RSS Feeds

    Content Schedulers and Managers can add feeds to share blog posts automatically or manually to all connected social accounts.

  • Create Groups

    If you want to create and share content over the same set of social media accounts regularly, and you don’t want to select the accounts individually each time, you can create groups of accounts to easily queue posts with a single click.

  • Social Inbox

    Reply to and manage all messages, posts, and comments on all your Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, Google Business profiles, and LinkedIn pages - in one place. Also, share access to your Social inbox with Content Schedulers and Managers.

Awesome, you are all set now! Welcome to SocialPilot, the future of social media management!

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