Schedule Instagram Posts and Reels for Business Accounts directly from SocialPilot

After Instagram released its API, SocialPilot enabled users to schedule posts and reels for business accounts through direct publishing. You can simply create your content and schedule it for posting without any involvement of mobile reminders. 

However, Instagram Stories still have to be published from SocialPilot via mobile reminders for business profiles. However, you do not need to select the publishing option every time. The tool will automatically direct you to the publishing option ideal for posting the type of content you have selected. 

Now let's see how direct Instagram publishing of posts from business account works:

Connecting your Instagram business account


Log into your SocialPilot account.


Click on 'Accounts' > Connect Account > Instagram


Select ‘Connect Business’ > Log in to your account

Your account is now connected to SocialPilot. 

Now let’s come to scheduling a post:


Go to ‘Create Post’.


Switch to the Instagram tab on the composer.


Select Post or Reels as you require.


Upload your content and compose your post.


You can add the first comment to your post.


Select the accounts you want and schedule your Instagram post.

Now your post or reel will automatically be published on Instagram via direct publishing without any additional steps in between.

To see the type of posts you can schedule from your Instagram business and personal account, click here.

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