How does the publishing work for RSS?

Once you add your RSS feeds, it will not publish the content immediately to your social media or as soon as you add it to the RSS feed.

SocialPilot RSS Feed feature helps you to schedule and share your feed content automatically. The Automated feed works as per the frequency you would set. It'll schedule your post on every read as per the timeslots you have defined for the selected accounts.

For Example, if you've set 5 posts every 6 hours, SocialPilot will go to check the added feed URL if there is a new feed post available. If so, it'll schedule a maximum of 5 posts for selected accounts. Here it'll compare the posts with the last read that happens in the last cycle; if there were only 3 new posts available, it would schedule 3 posts only as per the pre-defined time slots.

The posts will be queued as per the time slots you defined for each account that you select. Therefore, if you have more posts and few time slots defined, your fresh posts will be published much later in the future. Also, if you have fewer posts and more time slots defined, your posts will be scheduled as per the availability of the time slot in your account.  

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