First Comment On Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

With SocialPilot, you now have the ability to add the First Comment while creating your posts, for Instagram, Facebook and, LinkedIn accounts.

Why use the First Comment?

Because it looks very good and posts appear cleaner. It’s that easy. Really! By putting content/text and hashtags in your first comment, it keeps the image caption clean and clear.

Where to find the First Comment?

You will be able to locate the First Comment in three different tabs: 
  • Under the "Facebook" tab  

  • Under the "LinkedIn" tab  

  • Under the "Instagram" tab

    What do I need to take care of while using Instagram's First Comment?

    • The total allowed characters in the first comment are 2200.
    • The first comment and the caption should not be the same.
    • Due to Instagram restrictions, you will be allowed to use a combined total of 30 hashtags in the post caption and first comment. So if you’ve already added 15 hashtags to your post caption, you can add 15 more to your first comment. The account selection will be disabled if the count of hashtags increases beyond the allowed 30.
    • Always consider Instagram’s community guidelines when using hashtags. If your first comment contains hashtags that don’t follow Instagram’s guidelines, your first comment won’t be published. 

    Is this for both Personal and Business accounts?

    • The first comment is only for the business accounts of Instagram.
    • The first comment is only available with direct publishing.

    Is it available on the mobile app?

    Sadly, not yet. Only available on the web version.

    Is there a Hashtags counter to check the number of hashtags used?

    Yes. SocialPilot offers that feature in both the " Original" tab and the tabs of every platform as well.

    Original tab:

    Under the " Original" tab, you will only get the know the hashtags used in the create post field. In order to calculate the remaining ones, you need to switch to platform-specific tabs.  

    Instagram tab:

    From under Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn tabs, you will be able to see the count of hashtags used in the First Comment as well. 

    Please note: The other number displayed before the count of hashtags is related to the character count in Twitter, as Twitter allows only 280 characters as a limit. Hence, do not confuse it with anything else. 

    Why cannot I see my First Comment enabled?

    As this requires fresh permission, the only way to obtain this is by re-authorizing your Facebook/Instagram Business account. 
    When you log in and go to Manage Accounts, you will see your Instagram account asking for a reconnect:

    Once you click on the Reconnect, you will be asked to permit the first comment. Since you had already granted the rest of the permissions, you will only be asked to allow SocialPilot to manage comments:

    You will be able to see the First Comment on those Instagram Business accounts that are connected with the Facebook profile which you re-authorize afresh. 

    For those profiles, where you have not allowed permissions, you will be prompted through the manage accounts, from the queued posts (where you will find information stating that the first comment will not be published), and from the delivered section (where you will find information stating that the first comment was not be published as the permissions were not granted)

    Do not worry, you do not have to re-authorize every time, this is just a one-time setup.

    My posts are delivered but my First Comment is not

    The possible reasons for your post being delivered without the first comment are as under:

    To rectify this, please ensure that the community guidelines are followed. Also, the messages of non-delivery of the first comment will be displayed, in case you have not re-authorized your Facebook. 
    The queued post will have a warning displayed, asking you to re-authorize your account, and will inform you that the first comment will not be published. The delivered tab will show the message that the post was delivered but the first comment was not authorized and hence, the first comment was not delivered. The remedy to this is to re-authorize your account and enable SocialPilot to manage comments.
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