What is a custom post?

SocialPilot helps you customize your posts for the social networks you are scheduling those posts for. You can customize your posts for all your connected Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business account.

Additionally, you can:

  • Tag pages in your Facebook, and LinkedIn posts. Also, you can tag profiles in Twitter posts
  • Share/Schedule album and carousel posts for your Facebook.

Note: This feature is not available for Individual plan users. 

Why should you customize your posts?

As you already know, every social network has a different USP. While LinkedIn is a professional network, people use Facebook to keep in touch with their families and friends. This means your marketing strategy for each network must be different - including the kind of posts you publish on them. Marketing experts say that this has a considerable effect on engagement as well. Many popular brands customize their posts to ensure that their message aligns well with the kind of audience that uses those networks. 

Keeping this mind, SocialPilot has introduced 'advanced post'. Besides helping you customize your posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the advanced post also helps you in:

  • Tagging others in your posts - Tagging other people and pages, has been known to draw more eyes to your posts and your posts also reach the audience of people you tag. SocialPilot helps you tag other accounts in your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.
  • Creating album and carousel posts - 'Album post' helps you upload multiple pictures within one post. 'Carousel post' enables you to post multiple pictures with short descriptions and a target URL for Facebook. After you publish this post on Facebook you can boost it and turn it into an ad. 

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