What is a Custom Post?

SocialPilot helps you customize your posts for each of the social networks you are scheduling those posts for. You can perform multiple types of customizations for your posts for all your connected Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts.

These customizations vary slightly with the limitations of each platform. But all of them are available within the scheduling window for you to see.

Here is a list of all the elements you can add to a post created on SocialPilot:

Upload images

You can upload images from your local device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. Add You can also select images from the Unsplash integration, which has unlimited stock images you to pick and choose from.

Use Stock Images

SocialPilot provides users an option to pick from unlimited stock images to use in their posts with the help of Unsplash integration without needing to leave the scheduler or downloading any image.

Just click on the "Add media from external source" button, enter the keyword to get the image results you need, select the image or multiple images according to the platform's limits, and then click on "Add Image." You can add a GIF to your post from the same source. Just switch the tab from Image to GIF in the external source pop-up.

Add Videos

You can add videos to your post by adding a URL or selecting any suitable video from your local device, or uploading one from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box cloud storage.


You can add GIFs to your posts from the same source where you can get your stock images from. Just click on the "Add media from external source" button and switch to the GIF tab, and you can pick from the options available.


You can add emojis to your post captions.

Create on Canva

You can use Canva to create graphics and directly add them to your social media posts while creating them from the SocialPilot scheduler. Click on the Canva logo, sign up with your email id, create the design, and then click on Publish to upload the design to SocialPilot.

Audience Targeting

SocialPilot allows you to target various segments of your audience when composing a post. However, this feature is only available for Facebook and LinkedIn posts. You can read more about it in the linked article: Can I choose a target audience when I create a post?

Location tag

Add location to your posts for Instagram and Twitter to reach out to people in your vicinity.

Custom Field

Custom fields let you store account-specific information under separate categories so you can add them to your posts later. Categories can be addresses, contact information, taglines, URLs, signatures, Id numbers, email addresses, legal disclaimers, etc. You can make a separate custom field for each of these and further customize the value for each account. We have a detailed article all about the feature linked here: Custom Fields

UTM Parameters

You can add custom UTM parameters to your social media posts to track the engagement the campaign earns, hence gauging its effectiveness. You can read more about the feature here: Custom UTM Parameters


You can save groups of hashtags in the Content Library in the ScialPilot app and use these groups of hashtags in posts and first comments with posts. If you use common hashtags repeatedly in your posts, you don't need to type them out again and again. Just save them in the library and add them to posts with a few clicks.

Read all about how to save hashtags in the article about Content Library.

Content from Library

SocialPilot provides users with a built-in Content Library to create and store digital assets they need to add to their social media posts regularly. These assets include complete posts, texts, links, images, hashtags etc.

CTA Buttons

Add call-to-action buttons to your posts for Facebook pages and Google Business Profiles to make them more interactive and clickable.

First Comment

For Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts, you can schedule the first comments along with the actual posts to keep the captions clutter-free.

Image Tagging

SocialPilot allows users to tag business accounts on images they post on Instagram business profiles. This results in increased reach and impressions on that post.

In this article, you will find all information on tagging other Instagram profiles onto your image: Can I tag people/Pages when I create posts?

Additionally, you can:

  • Tag Pages in your Facebook and LinkedIn posts. Also, you can tag profiles in Twitter posts
  • Share/Schedule album and carousel posts for your Facebook.

Why should you customize your posts?

As you already know, every social network has a different USP. While LinkedIn is a professional network, people use Facebook to keep in touch with their families and friends. This means your marketing strategy for each network must be different - including the kind of posts you publish on them. Marketing experts say that this has a considerable effect on engagement as well. Many popular brands customize their posts to ensure that their message aligns well with the kind of audience that uses those networks. 

Keeping this in mind, SocialPilot introduced an 'advanced post'. Besides helping you customize your posts for all the platforms, also helps you in:

  • Tagging others in your posts - Tagging other people and pages, has been known to draw more eyes to your posts and your posts also reach the audience of people you tag. SocialPilot helps you tag other accounts in your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.
  • Creating album and carousel posts - 'Album post' helps you upload multiple pictures within one post. 'Carousel post' enables you to post multiple pictures with short descriptions and a target URL for Facebook. After you publish this post on Facebook you can boost it and turn it into an ad. 
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